After a seemingly endless game of musical chairs we finally pulled together the right group of musicians to form the Soul Motion Band. Little did we know our vision of a soulful, heartfelt mix of Blues, Soul, and Rock would shine through with a sweet homegrown sound that is guaranteed to please. So grab your dancing shoes, your invited to the party............Cool


Guitar - Tom D

Tom Dornan began playing guitar during the British Invasion of the mid sixty's. The beginning of a new phase of rock and unrest in America. After surviving High School in Chicago the draft was in effect and the Army called right before the Beatles or Rolling Stones did unfortunately.

Two years later and still no call from the Beatles or Stones, Tom went into public service for the City of Chicago. He proudly served the city for 25 years and retired to the south suburbs.  Shortly after, Tom began studying Jazz guitar with guitarist John Moran and a second career with music began. Tom has been fortunate enough to play with many local favorites and currently teaches guitar in a suburban music studio while having a blast doing it.

" I'm very lucky to have met the guys in Soul Motion.  Not only are they good musicians, its just plain fun and a lot of laughs".



Vocals - Bill Johnson

Having been involved in Classic Rock bands since high school, and after the break up of his most recent rock band. Bill felt it was time for a change and time to re-discover music that meant so much in his youth. Originating from Detroit and growing up listening to classic Motown, R&B and Rock ingrained a deep sense of soul, heart and emotion which has been fighting to get out. This is where SoulMotion began and provides the perfect platform for expression within the entire band.

If it doesnt have heart, its not worth playing!





Keys - Harry Z

Harry Z was weaned on the Classic Rock / British invasion stuff of the 60’s / 70s. Has had an interest in music ever since then. After doing the usual high school band stuff I gave it up for years until I got back into music in the past three years. Always was fascinated by the sound of the Hammond B3 organ /Leslie speaker, you can’t beat the real thing……….A.K.A. tone wheels and spinning speakers. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to attend workshops with Captain Jack McDuff, Joey DeFrancesco, Tony Zamagni (A.K.A. Tony Z) in addition to mentoring from Eric Micheals. If the gig would like me to, I can bring out my Hammond / Leslie speaker setup. I refurbish these beasts as a hobby. Really enjoy playing with Soul Motion, I think we play cool tunes that you normally don’t hear from most bands…Hopefully you think the same after you come out to hear the band!






Drums - EZ

Eric "EZ" Zoellner hails originally from Orland Park and is the man that drives the beat on the drums for Soul Motion. As a yougster his parents fostered a love of music by mandating piano lessons and participation in church choirs. When old enough to join in the District 135 schoolsystems band program his first choice was Trumpet but the director put a French Horn in his hands and told him he was a natural. Once his Dad turned him on to WMET and WLUP though he soon learned that there were no French Horns in Rock & Roll so attention was soon turned to the Drums. At age 16 he bought a beat-up old Ludwig drumset from classmate for $75 and started trying to play along to the radio. After H.S. the French Horn was forgotten about, a garage band was started and entertained at a few "barn parties", then it came time to attend Iowa State University. After graduation the drums came out of storage and at a jam night in Frankfort IL he was introduced to The Back In Stride Band and soon became their new drummer. A little while later he was asked to help and old friend get his band going; a country gig called Jim Tilghman and the Marshalls. After leaving Back In Stride and the Marshalls he kept practicing and allong with fellow Argonne co-workers establish the Argonne Music Club and helped host Open Mic nights with the "house band" the Sloppy Joes. This led to a time spent filling in on drums for Joliet metal band Lockdown for a couple of years. Now a member of Soul Motion he is rockin again and providing the pulse for the dancers to get up on their feet and groovin baby!

Bass - Bob Tracy

aka. Bobby T., Smillin Bob, Basey Tracy, Neighbor Bob, and many other names that can not be listed here!

Bob started playing bass guitar in 1980, after winning a '72 Fender Mustang in a poker game. Several years later he traded up to a '80 Gibson RD Artist and the passion for music hasn't stopped. After playing for many local and regional bands Bob started a DJ service business to further his passion for music. Now adding to his talents he has learned 12 string acoustic and electric guitar to further jam with other musicians and start up bands. .
Currently, Bob plays bass in a local praise band and 12 string acoustic for a smaller act when not grooving bass in Soul Motion.

"This band will Blow Your Face Off!" - Bobby T.

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